What is Na’i Aupuni? – Video

Here is my presentation video on “What is Na’i Aupuni’ as of Oct 30, 2015. I’ve had to research extensively over the past 3 months, and beleive it could also be useful to Hawaiians before voting, not voting, or disenrolling in Na’i Aupuni.


One thought on “What is Na’i Aupuni? – Video

  1. Desiree Thompson

    Mahalo plenty for your presentation. I’ve been on the continent since 1987 and really out of sync with the resurgence of kanaka maoli organizing. I come from the 1970’s, the beginning of ethnic pride, Wai`ahole/Waikane, Kaho`olawe, music, hula, `olelo hawai`i, etc. I have friends were involved in nation building since the beginning. Some are kupuna; some, no longer able to participate fully in the process they helped create. So, it’s time for people like you to carry us forward. My father would be so proud.



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