Announcing Hekili Forums – a place for discussing Native Hawaiian Political Issues

Today, i launched Hekili Forums / – a site intended for Native Hawaiians / Kanaka Maoli and Hawaiian Nationals to discuss issues surrounding forming a legitimate government, regardless of the mechanism or process.

Secondly, it can also be used as a central, public forum for potential delegates to declare themselves as candidates for delegates to the Con-Con / ‘Aha organized by Na’i Aupuni

  • This site is intended to be used primarily by people who self-identify as Native Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, or as part of a Hawaiian family.
  • The web site will be a public forum
  • Please bring your constructive questions, comments, and discussion. Criticizing ideas is fair, but insulting people is not.
  • We reserve the right to moderate post which go outside the rules or topic of the site.

This site is non-commercial and always will be. It is my kuleana. I invite community members from different groups to help build this site together.

Mahalo Nui Loa to Ryan S. and Pi, who inspired the idea for online discussion forums for these issues.


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